Wytec Technology

Intellectual Property

In addition to Wytec’s 5 US Patents, the Company filed, in March of 2013, a utility patent for a Small Cell Utility Device designed for the extension of Wytec’s city-wide 5G network deployment plan. The device, called the LPN-16, was issued a Notice of Allowance in September of 2017 and subsequently issued a patent number from the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) for use in the United States. Wytec also holds a US Trademark for its automated online quoting system called WyQuote.


Wytec International’s patented LPN-16 and exclusive 5G FlexSpeed technology make it easy for businesses, cities and carriers to benefit from converged Fiber, wireless, cable, small-cell radios, and numerous other technologies to deliver super-efficient transport of data communications and increased performance for emerging technologies in the race towards smart cities and the impending Internet of Things.


The telecom industry consists of thousands of experienced sales agents representing more than 60% of all sales generated in telecom services. When attracting the attention of these agents, they need sales tools that allow them to acquire real time quotes, instant ordering and immediate billing confirmation. WyQuote does this and more!