Texas Independent School District – Central Texas

Project Type: Cellular Enhancement

In 2019, an Independent School District in Texas requested a specific technology introduced by a manufacturer (Cel-Fi by Nextivity) that had not yet been installed in the United States. Wytec was introduced to the District due to its previous successful installations with earlier versions of the manufacturer’s technology. Wytec was selected in a bidding process that included five others.

The District, a member of the Central Texas Purchasing Alliance, was seeking the latest Cel-Fi by Nextivity QUATRA 4000 system, which is an ever-green solution. The system would enhance voice and data for all four primary US mobile carriers and be FCC compliant for “network safe” cellular boosters. The ISD required (and Wytec supplied) support indoor broadcast units that could be located up to 600 feet away from network units/ amplifiers, have a spherical broadcast pattern, and be self-configuring and self-optimizing. The installation by Wytec began with a pilot of three project of schools and is continuing with the addition of more schools.

Nearing completion of the pilot project, results are positive. The District is happy with the improvements in the impacted schools and has decided to expand to further schools. Due to the accepted purchasing process within in this project, Wytec is now qualified to offer “no-bid-process” to all CTPA members.