Wytec Milestones

The Road to Public Listing

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  • 01/2020

    Central Texas Purchasing Alliance

    In September of 2019 Wytec won a Request for Proposal...
  • 03/2020

    Social Media Marketing

    In March of 2020, Wytec marketing personnel adopted an aggressive...
  • 07/2020

    Southwest Research Institute

    In May of 2020, Wytec signed a joint Contractor Service...
  • 07/2020

    Wytec’s Financial Forecast

    Over the past three years, Wytec has invested more than...
  • 08/2020

    Initiate MVNO Survey

    Industry information has determined that both Cable and WISPs are...
  • 08/2020

    LPN-16 Trials

    Wytec has conducted numerous trials with its patented LPN-16 on...
  • 08/2020

    Private LTE with Bexar County ISDs

    Wytec, in conjunction SwRI and the University of Texas San...
  • 09/2020

    Updated Stock Valuation

    Upon the conclusion and certification of Wytec’s LPN-16 Trials conducted...
  • 09/2020

    Initiate MVNO Service

    A portion of Wytec’s revenue assumptions in its financial forecast...
  • 11/2020

    Direct Listing on OTC

    Staying within Wytec’s initial objective in listing with NASDAQ, the...


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