Wytec International Companies

Wytec Business makes it easy for businesses to buy and use enterprise-grade wireless Internet service and Internet failover. Our exclusive FlexSpeed™ service takes only days to install and delivers speeds up to 5Gbps while allowing customers to configure bandwidth on-demand to meet changing business needs.

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Wytec Enterprise makes it easy for building owners to solve cellular problems within buildings in a variety of industries. From small cell to DAS solutions, our expertise is in identifying and solving cellular and public safety 2-way radio reception problems to increase productivity.

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Wytec Cities makes it easy for municipalities to generate revenue and use smart city infrastructure to support economic growth, public safety and the simultaneous build-out of Wi-Fi, LTE and millimeter wave through our patented LPN-16. Our exclusive FlexSpeed™ technology allows management to configure bandwidth on demand for changing city needs.

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