Robert W. Merola


Robert has been a leader and innovator in the field of wired and wireless technology for more than 25 years. Mr. Merola was involved in multiple startup companies and was founder/president of Mariel Technologies, a voice/data and Fiberoptic Networking company, as well as AirNetConnect, a fixed wireless company.

Bob has vast experience in the wireless infrastructure field. His experience includes designing thousands of microwave links across the country for city, state, and cellular carriers. He has also designed and installed multiple wide area wireless networks, including city-wide fiber to the pole, and wireless to home/business fixed wireless networks.

Mr. Merola is the author and inventor of Wytec’s patented LPN-16 (Light Pole Node) small cell technology, and will be spearheading Wytec’s Smart City initiatives utilizing the LPN-16, along with Wytec’s Smart Building product lines involving and cellular enhancement product lines.

Bob Lives in New Hampshire, and he and his wife, Cathy, have five children together. He is an active soccer player and coaches both primary school and local town soccer teams. Wytec is fortunate to have such incredible talent and skill sets to further the growth of the company.